We are a team of highly innovative designers, developers, and strategists who put our people and our clients at the heart of everything we do

We provide an unparalleled service to our clients by leveraging our extensive experience, technical expertise, innovative ideas, industry best practices and foolproof implementation methodology.

Meet Our Dynamic Team

Colombomap is a well-established, innovative software development company steered by a highly qualified, tremendously skilled, and extremely experienced team of web developers, designers, software engineers, technology consultants and digital marketers who delight our clients by executing noteworthy projects, realizing the desired results and thereby exceeding expectations.

Our professional team is exceptionally competent and well trained to assist you in analyzing your web development and marketing needs and provide the perfect solutions. We provide a full range of services from custom software development to designing along with web promotion. We follow a well-planned out and suitable strategic plan for result-oriented project completion. We assist you in illustrating and targeting your clients so that you can readily offer them the appropriate services they are looking for.

We are adept at providing you a powerful and viable web existence that will accelerate your market share and market value. We consistently strive to set up and develop competitive web alternatives that go well beyond your expectations. We have a treasure trove full of innovative ideas and alternatives which can create endless possibilities for your business.

What Makes Us Unique

Successfully Achieved

1750+ Projects


680+ Clients

Clients Across

Sri Lanka – Dubai –  South Africa – India

Our Core Values

Our goal is to help our clients sustain long-term growth and profitability by unlocking their potential through our innovative solutions

High-Quality Service

We are geared to provide you with the most superior and innovative solutions customized to suit your requirements. We believe your success is our success and when you win, we also win. Therefore, your best interest is the pivotal focus of every project we handle.


We sustain integrity in everything that we do. We strive to be reliable, transparent and empathetic at all times. We uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, business ethics, personal integrity, and confidentiality.


We work with our clients, partners, and colleagues with the utmost respect and actively maintain empathetic cross-cultural relationships. We whole-heartedly value, encourage, and support diversity, creativity, and innovation surfacing from all levels within our company which are the cornerstones of our success.

Work-Life Balance

We consider that work is an essential and major part of life and should, therefore, be purposeful, contributory, and delightful. We are deeply passionate about the work we do and while creating value for our clients, we make it exciting and fun for ourselves as well.

Why do our people think

Colombomap is the best place to work?

I love working at Colombomap Innovative Software Solution for a few reasons. When i first started my input on company-wide decisions was valued. Once i got rolling with my projects, i was trusted to handle them as i saw fit. There is always support available when i need.

Gayan Herath

Software Engineer

I really appreciate the trust and support I get from Colombomap senior management. No matter how occupied they are, they take the time to get you the responses and support you require to be successful.

Ahmed Shakeel

Front End Developer

It’s inspiring to work with such an innovative and developing company. Colombomap is an excellent place to learn new skills and new technology.

Deependra Rahu

Software Engineer





Our aim is to provide cutting-edge quality solutions to our esteemed clients.

What Differentiates Us From The Rest

Our goal is to unlock the potential of our people and our clients’ businesses.

Developers & Engineers

Our dedicated developers and software engineers possess in-depth understanding and expertise in providing customized quality solutions for your project.

Project Management

Our project management experts will review all requirements and solutions and ensure you get the very best in service.


Business Analysts

Our business analysts study and research the market to ensure you get revolutionary and bespoke services at all times.

Team Managers

Our team managers who handle various aspects of your project are responsible and well trained to meet deadlines and deliver an exceptional service as per your project specifications.


Innovative Thinking

Our web and app developers blend their technical proficiency with high creativity to generate novel and sustainable web designs that stand out from other designs available in the market.

Sales And Marketing

Our smart sales and marketing professionals believe in keeping their promises by skillfully delivering a brilliant service with complete transparency.


Customer Service

Our dynamic customer service agents are geared to assist you in getting the best value for money by smartly matching your needs with personalized solutions and services.

Team Mastermind

We bring together in collaboration like-minded minds known as a “Mastermind” from the development, digital and marketing world to work on your project in synergy, ensuring you great value for money in every transaction with us.

Why Choose Us

As Your Software Partner?


From Just An Idea To A Successful Product

We utilize our diverse and comprehensive knowledge of the latest technology to craft an ideal solution customized to your requirements and convert your idea into a successful product or service. We will then implement this solution, manage the project from its outset through to its delivery and provide on-going support and advice as needed.


Well Thought Out Design

We invest a lot of time and energy in thinking out and planning your design keeping in mind the goals and requirements of the project. We will discuss and evaluate the draft software design blueprint with you for your approval before any coding will be started so that the project can be completed seamlessly.



We keep our clients in the loop, always updated along every stage of the project. We will regularly submit project updates describing project progress so far, issues being faced and the next step in the plan so you can track and manage your budget and the project status at any point in time.



We follow the Agile software development methodology. This strategy allows us to respond to changes in requirements and end-user requirements quickly and cost-effectively. This makes our projects successful and helps in overall management.



We are very dedicated and highly responsive to each and every client and pride ourselves on this. We will not keep you waiting when there is an urgent deadline to be met or unnecessarily delay in helping you when instant help is needed.



Our work, the progress made, and the next step in the project are all available for your review. This gives you clarity and transparency throughout the development process. And this gives us the opportunity to augment the ‘user experience’ based on your feedback and responses throughout the project development phase.


Low Technical Debt

Our test-driven method assures our code is always testable. It helps in keeping ‘technical debt’ low and in providing excellent products and services.


Software Review & Q/A

We do a peer review services for software designed and written by our team.






Let's Discuss Your Project & Work Together!

Ready to take your idea to the next level? Let’s discuss your project or idea and find out how we can help you in making it a reality.

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